Handelsbanken API

Ok, this might be even more interesting for you guys. Handelsbanken is one of Swedens largest banks and their API is now public as well. Congratulations to them for being the second Swedish bank with a published API. Who will follow in their footsteps?

You find the documentation here.


Again, I want to make it clear that I provide information about an API that exist as of right now and that has never been publicly announced. I can not guarantee that everything is correct or that things will not changed. I have only documented what I’ve found out today and I have no affiliation or association with Handelsbanken or anyone working there.

4 thoughts on “Handelsbanken API

  1. You say that the API is “public” but you only link to a page that states that it has been reverse engineered from an iPhone app. When googling I only find this page. What’s the story?

    Both SEB and Skandiabanken have iPhone apps that can do about the same as your published Handelsbanken API, any intel on those?

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